Sunday, July 29, 2012



launch your way to gold contest by Maxis Mylaunchpad. You can get news and latest updates of our Malaysian Olympians here and able to win AWESOME PRIZES! - Iphone 4S, samsung devices, Maxis prepaid starter kits and a solid GOLD medal from Maxis Mylaunchpad.

Go to


Facebook Connect with the site if you haven't done so.
2.Select the category you want to compete in. Choose the type of entry each category offers you. View sample entries for each category below:
3.Once you've uploaded your entry, fill in the registration form with your details and submit!
4.You'll be notified via email when your submission's been approved and is up for viewing on the site.
5.You're now eligible to receive the Daily Prize.
6.Share your entry on your social networks and get the votes. The more votes you have, the closer you are to gold!
7.The top 5 highest voted entries in each category will each win the Top Prize.
8.The final Grand Prize winners will be selected by the Maxis Sports Ambassadors – shuttlers Lee Chong Wei, Koo Kien Keat, Tan Boon Heong, cyclist Azizulhasni Awang, and divers Pandelela Rinong and Leong Mun Yee.
9.You can also be a Daily Winner by being one of the top 5 highest voted entries for the day.
10.Increase your chances of winning by submitting multiple times in each category.
11.Only Maxis and Hotlink users are eligible to enter this contest.

Finally, be creative, be bold, and be epic. And that's how you bring home the gold!

Good Luck
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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Peraduan Malaysia 2012 - Yeo's Merdeka Raya Contest


Peraduan Malaysia 2012 - Yeo's Merdeka Raya Contest and stand a chance to win:

Grand Prize: RM68,888
1st Prize:RM28,888
2nd Prize:RM10,888
3rd Prize:RM6,888
Weekly x 13:RM888

How To participate, just cut out the flap (with Yeo's logo) of any combination of Yeo's and Justea range of beverages. For SoyRich, submit the barcode. 

You'll need 6 points per entry (250ml = 1 point, 1 litre = 2 points).

Terms and conditions apply.

More information, Visit website below.

Entry Form Here >>>> Here
Contest End Until 31 Aug 2012 (Fri)
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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Simpan dan Menang iPad dan EMAS di AFFINBANK / AFFINISLAMIC Bank


Buka atau top-up RM500 ke AFFINBANK anda / Akaun Semasa atau Simpanan AFFINISLAMIC dan daftar secara online untuk peluang untuk menang:

Hadiah Utama:
Emas bernilai RM333,888

Hadiah Bulanan x 8 dari Julai - Disember 2012
Julai - iPad + Emas bernilai RM2,388
Ogos - iPad + Emas bernilai RM4,388
September - Samsung Galaxy Nota + Emas bernilai RM5,888
Oktober - Samsung Galaxy Nota + Emas bernilai RM7,888
November - iPhone + Emas bernilai RM8,888
Disember - iPhone + Emas bernilai RM10,888

Applicable to Mudharabah based deposit products by AFFIN ISLAMIC Bank.

Terma dan syarat.
lawat mana-mana cawangan AFFINBANK / Bank AFFINISLAMIC atau laman web untuk maklumat lanjut.
Hubungi 03-5522 3000 untuk sebarang pertanyaan.

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Peraduan OREO "Ucapkan Untuk Ayah" Contest


Sampaikan ucapan yang menyentuh hati ayah dan menangi percutian sekeluarga ke Disney World!

Peraduan OREO "Ucapkan Untuk Ayah" Contest and stand a chance to win:

Grand Prize x 1: Disney World USA + New York City
2nd Prize x 2: Disneyland, Hong Kong
3rd Prize x 20: Hard Rock Hotel, Penang
Consolation Prize x 80 pairs: Kidzania Passes

Cara penyertaan
1.Nyatakan ucapan kepada ayah anda tanpa melebihi 20 perkataan.
2.Lampirkan bar kod Oreo 137g/152.4g sebagai bukti pembelian.
3.Lengkapkan borang penyertaan kemudian hantar ke:


Terms and conditions apply.

Visit website for more details.

Borang Penyertaan Here
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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Peraduan Energizer The Power of 10 Challenge Contest


Peraduan Energizer The Power of 10 Challenge Contest

Tempoh peraduan: 1 Jul hingga Ogos 31, 2012

Hadiah hadiah menarik untuk dimenangi:

Hadiah utama: RM500, 000 tunai
Mingguan hadiah x 10: RM1, 000 tunai
10 peserta akhir akan bertanding dalam siri 10 cabaran pada 10 Oktober 2012


Bagaimana untuk menyertai:
Cuma beli mana-mana pek bateri Energizer dan Mengisi borang penyertaan, dan sertakan kad bateri dari pek tersebut sebagai bukti pembelian dan menjawab satu soalan yang mudah
Hantarkan borang penyertaan yang lengkap kepada:
Energizer The Kuasa Cabaran 10,
Energizer Malaysia Sdn Bhd,
PO BOX 12519,
50780 Kuala Lumpur

Lawat Facebook Energizer Facebook untuk maklumat lanjut.


Here’s how you can lock in your cash prizes.
Step 1: Purchase any Energizer battery pack
Step 2: Fill in an entry form, attach the battery card from the pack as proof of purchase and answer a simple question
Step 3: Send the duly completed entry form to:
Energizer The Power of 10 Challenge, Energizer Malaysia Sdn Bhd, P.O. Box 12519, 50780 Kuala Lumpur
Step 4: Log on to for the results

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Monday, July 16, 2012

Shell Advanced Contest 2012 - Win Ducati Monster and a trip to Valencia


Buy Shell Advanced, win Ducati Monster and a trip to Valencia to watch the Spanish MotoGP.

Pick up Unique Code with Shell Advance and stand a chance to win! More than 800 over prizes up for grabs including 4 VIP Trips to the MotoGP in Valencia, Spain plus a chance to come home with a Ducati Monster! Shell Advance gives you the freedom to experience an incredible ride for you and your bike.

4  x Grand Prize : VIP Trip to the MotoGP in Valencia, Spain & A chance to win a Ducati Monster!
6  x 2nd Prize : RM500 Cash Prize
300 x 3rd Prize : Exclusive Ducati merchandise
500 x 4th Prize : Exclusive Shell Advance merchandise

Follow the steps and stand a chance to win! 
Simply complete the form below and enter the lucky key code you'll receive when you purchase Shell Advance.

STEP 1 :  Purchase one of the participating products:
  Shell Advance Ultra 4T (1L)
  Shell Advance AX7 4T (1L)
  Shell Advance AX5 4T (1L)
  Shell Advance VSX 2T (1L)
  Shell Advance SX 2T (1L)

STEP 2 :  Peel off the label on the pack to get your 9-Digit Unique Code
STEP 3:  Answer this Question: Shell Advance Ultra 4T is fully synthetic with RCE technology.
  A – True
  B - False
  And SMS to 32355 in this format:
  SMS Advance<space>I.C. No<space>Answer <space>Unique Code
  EXAMPLE: SMS Advance 780305-01-1234 A 24CC8CC8C

  Enter using the ONLINE FORM HERE.

Contest ends 31 August 2012.

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sertai Peraduan Livita 'Spot the Sport'


Peraduan Livita 'Spot the Sport'

Sertai peraduan 'Spot the Sport' dan berada dalam perjalanan untuk memenangi hadiah lumayan termasuk basikal off-road dan tablet Samsung.

Bagaimana anda boleh menyertai peraduan ini:

1) Cuma buat pembelian mana-mana produk Livita.
2) Namakan ikon sukan dan cipta logo Livita dalam borang peraduan.
3) Isi maklumat anda, sertakan dan bukti pembelian dan hantar penyertaan anda ke alamat yang ditetapkan.

Berikut adalah apa yang anda berpeluang untuk memenangi:

Hadiah Utama: 4 x Off-road basikal
Hadiah Kedua: 4 x Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus
Hadiah Ketiga: 40 x Livita Jacket
Hadiah khas: 400 x Livita Jersey

Untuk maklumat lanjut, sila rujuk ke laman web peraduan.

Pertandingan akhir: 31 Julai 2012

Borang dan maklumat lanjut ada kat bawah ni
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Menangi Grand Livina dengan Peraduan Raya Dumex Dugro


Menangi Grand Livina dengan Peraduan Raya Dumex Dugro

Mengambil bahagian dalam Dugro Dumex Raya peraduan dan anda berpeluang untuk memenangi hadiah lumayan termasuk Grand Hadiah Nissan Grand Livina.

Bagaimana untuk menyertai peraduan ini:

1) Pembelian mana-mana produk Dugro Dumex atau Dumil Mama.
2) Kongsi detik berbangga dengan anak anda dalam bentuk peraduan tidak lebih daripada 150 patah perkataan.
3) Isikan borang peraduan, sertakan bukti pembelian yang diperlukan dan menghantar penyertaan anda di alamat yang ditetapkan.

Pemenang akan dipilih oleh panel hakim yang berdasarkan penyertaan yang paling unik dan kreatif.

Hadiah-hadiah yang ditawarkan:
Hadiah Utama: 1 x Nissan grand Livina
Hadiah saguhati: 35 x Samsung Galaxy tab 7,7
100 x RM1000 Mahkamah baucar

Tarikh akhir Peraduan : OGOS 31, 2012

Website Peraduan Kat sini
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Saturday, July 14, 2012

TM Reward Anniversary Bonanza Contest 2012


TM Reward Anniversary Bonanza Contest 2012
Contet from 15 June until 24 August 2012

To enter this contest,
just follow these 2 easy steps:
a) Register as a TM Rewards member at
1 Click on REGISTER NOW!
2 Fill up your particulars and submit.
3 Check for TM Rewards email and click on the activation link.

b) Now u can joint the TM REWARD Contest HERE

Just Answer 2 simple questions and tell your story and click ENTER NOW Button

Win GREST prizes
1. 3D2N Singapore Holiday Package for 2 plus 1 day to Universal Studios Singapore
2. sony PSVita
3. The new iPad 32GB Wifi
4. 10 weekly winners x 10 weeks x4KidZania passes each
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Friday, July 6, 2012

Peraduan Terkini 2012 - Hold Your Corntoz Contest


Contest from: 1 Jun until 26 Jul 2012

Prizes to be win:
1st prize: Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7
2nd prize: iPod Touch 8gb
3rd prize: iPod Nano 8gb
Weekly prize x 3: Microsoft Touch Mouse

How to enter the contest:
JUST Play the online game.
No proof of purchase is required to enter this Contest. Proof of purchase entitles participants to gain additional bonus time during the game.

Visit Corntoz Facebook fan page for more informations HERE
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Peraduan 2012 - The NIPSter Contest


Peraduan 2012 - The NIPSter Contest
Contest from : 25 Jun until 16 Aug 2012

Prizes to be win:
Grand prize: MacBook Air 11" + URC Hamper
Weekly prize:
1st prize: Samsung Galaxy Note + URC Hamper
2nd prize: Nintendo 3DS + URC Hamper
3rd prize: Fujifilm Instax 7 + URC Hamper

To participate: Just Play the online game!

Visit NIPSter Facebook fan page for more details.
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Peraduan “Oh Yeah!” campaign - Bank Muamalat


Peraduan “Oh Yeah!” campaign - Bank Muamalat

“Oh Yeah!” campaign invites public to open a new Oh Yeah! Account with the Bank to win monthly and grand draws

Monthly Prize (March till July' 12)
1st Prize - Honda CR-Z (1.5l)
2nd Prize - Samsung Galaxy SII
3rd Prize - iPad2
4th Prize - Electrolux Coffee Maker
5th Prize - Cornell Steamboat
6th Prize - Elba Food Steamer
7th Prize - Philip Iron GC1920

Grand Prize (August 2012)
1st Prize - Honda CR-V (2.0i-VTEC)
2nd Prize - Samsung Galaxy S Note
3rd Prize - Samsung Galaxy SII
4th Prize - iPad2

To be eligible for the prizes, customers must deposit minimum RM1,000 in the Oh Yeah! Account to qualify for the selection. Every RM1,000 average daily deposit maintained in this account will entitle customer an automatic entry to the draw.

For example, if customer has an average balance of RM5,000 in his account, he is entitle to 5 entries. The more deposits, the more chances for customer to win.

More Info about the peraduan visit HERE

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Monday, July 2, 2012

Peraduan 2012 - Sign Up with U Mobile & Win Contest


Peraduan 2012 - Sign Up with U Mobile & Win Contest
Simply sign up for any postpaid plan and you’ll be automatically eligible to participate in our contest to win prizes worth more than RM250,000. 

No slogan
Contest Period  
Period 1 18 June 2012 - 1 July 2012
Period 2 2 July 2012 - 15 July 2012
Period 3 16 July 2012 - 29 July 2012
Period 4 30 July 2012 - 18 Aug 2012
Grand Prize x2
Samsung Smart LED TV 55”
(RRP @ RM14,999) + Huawei MediaPad    
1st Prize x 4
Samsung Galaxy Note + Huawei MediaPad
or Huawei Honor Smartphone

All winners will be entitled for FREE 3 months x RM128 postpaid broadband @ 20GB.
*This contest is open to all new MB68, MB128, U58 and U88 plan subscribers only

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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Peraduan 2012 - Shell Rimula FIA truck racing promotion


Peraduan 2012 - Shell Rimula FIA truck racing promotion and Win a trip to France to see the fastest trucks in Europe with Shell Rimula

Contest from 1 Jun till 31 Aug 2012

10 x All Expense VIP Trip to France and watch the FIA European Truck Racing Championship

To Participate
Step 1
Purchase one of the eligible products:
Shell Rimula R4 pail (20L) = Eligible for 1 entry
Shell Rimula R6 pail (20L) = Eligible for 5 entries
Shell Rimula R4 drum (209L) = Eligible for 10 entries
Shell Rimula R5 drum (209L) = Eligible for 15 entries
Shell Rimula R6 drum (209L) = Eligible for 20 entries

Step 2
Get the contest form from nearest participating Shell Rimula Workshop or download the contest form below.

Step 3
Answer a simple question on the contest form.

Step 4
Attach the original receipt as proof of purchase to the contest form.

Step 5
Submit the contest form to:
Suite #302, PO5A, Empire Shopping Gallery, Jalan SS16/1, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor.

Can Download HERE Contest Form and Details
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